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Hip & Joint

With advanced formulas designed to meet the needs of every dog, our Hip + Joint products stand out as our most sought after category. Our hip and joint supplements support hydration, mobility, and overall joint comfort by promoting connective tissue strength.

Hip + Joint by Pet Naturals® features well-researched and time-tested ingredients, such as antioxidants, glucosamine, MSM, and omega fatty acids. These ingredients support flexibility, recovery, and immune system health in geriatric, injured, or active dogs.

Hip + Joint is available in a tasty chew for easy delivery, and they are formulated for dogs of all ages, as well as small, medium, and XL dogs.

Hip + Joint Extra Strength is available in chewable tablets for dogs, and it is formulated specifically to meet the needs of dogs showing joint stress.

Our Hip + Joint products can be given daily or as needed for extra support.